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This little survival kit fits 15 items into a tin the size of an Altoids mints container (the items plus the tin itself is where we get the #16 for the name). There are a lot of items in here that fit perfectly into most emergency kits, just in a smaller package that can be put in your pocket or attached with whatever minimal gear you're carrying.

The kit includes:
1 Razor Blade
1 three Barrel Fire Starter
1 P38 Can Opener
1 Steel Snap Link
1 Fresnel Lens
1 HD Rubber Band
1 Sail Needle
2 Safety Pins
25’ of Fishing Line
2 Fish Hooks
1 Signal Whistle (126 decibel)
1 Compass
12’ of Orange Marking Tape
1 Signal Mirror
1 Id Card
And the Metal Hinged Box

Overall Length 3.88"
Thickness 0.88"

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